Europe will embark on a solar revolution: Solar panels on every roof!

Europe is taking a major step towards energy sustainability with the adoption of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. This milestone stipulates that by 2030 all new buildings must be zero-emission, and by 2050 this target will be extended to all existing buildings.

One of the industries most likely to benefit from this directive is solar, as Europe moves to fill its roofs with solar panels in the coming years. The European Commission has presented this measure as part of its strategy on solar roofs, with the aim of countering the energy crisis.

From now on, solar panels will be required on all new public and commercial buildings by 2026. In addition, it will be mandatory on new residential buildings from 2029, on non-residential buildings undergoing major renovations by 2027, and on existing public buildings gradually until 2030.

This means that self-consumption of solar energy will increase in the coming years thanks to this directive. But the implementation of this measure not only benefits the solar industry, but also strengthens the integration of photovoltaic installations into building construction processes. For example, in the near future, roof construction will always be accompanied by the installation of solar panels, which will reduce costs and make the best possible use of the existing workforce.

Jan Osenberg, policy advisor at SolarPower Europe, says that this measure is a significant step towards a future where having rooftop solar is as common as having a washing machine. He also emphasises the importance of effective implementation of the directive in building practices and requirements, as well as access to private financing solutions to support innovative solutions such as solar on building facades.

In short, Europe is preparing to install solar panels on most of its buildings in the coming years. The image from the sky will be of a Europe committed to sustainability and clean energy.

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